The Soaper’s Choice

My great-grandmother used to put all the last slivers of bars of soap into a plastic bag and mush them together to make a new bar and eke it out a bit longer. From the tone of the anecdote my dad tells, this wasn’t generally held to be a method which produced the best soap, and it’s a method that won’t produce the best blends either. To reduce the noble and complex art of blending to simply throwing together some leftovers is frankly an insult. So I decided that’s what I’d do. Without further ado, let me announce my own blend, The Soaper’s Choice.

It’s an idea I owe to LittleTipple – I’ve mixed together the remnants of all the bottles I had that were close to finished to create an impromptu blended whisky, and the plan is to add the last of every bottle I finish from now on. As I said, I’m not expecting miracles from this – it’s meant as more of a learning experience. As I learn more about what works and what doesn’t, I’ll start keeping bottles out, or putting larger amounts in, and try to get towards a half-decent whisky.

In this first iteration, all the whiskies are Scotch, though that’s not going to last – anything and everything will do. We’ve currently got:

Hedonism Blended Grain

Singleton of Dufftown Spey Cascade

Aberlour A’bunadh (Batch 45)

Ancnoc 1997

Loch Fyne Blended Scotch

The nose is dominated by the A’bunadh, powerful and fruity, with a touch of banana that comes from the Hedonism. In the mouth it’s much softer though. The butterscotch of the Spey Cascade is most noticeable, with a toffee apple flavour that shows the A’bunadh has been tamed to an extent. There’s a bit of sharpness on the back of the mouth, and it’s not well balanced, but for a first try it’s not too bad. The main problem is that the A’bunadh gives a strong flavour, but not as powerful as in its pure form – neither one thing nor the other. Hopefully that will be solved as more, lighter whiskies join the fray.

I’m going to keep a record of what whiskies are currently in the blend on here, as well as put up a short post for any iterations that are particularly interesting. Onwards and upwards!

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1 Response to The Soaper’s Choice

  1. littletipple says:

    You failed to mention just how good “Ben’s blend” truly is… Glad you’re trying it though- as a tip, prior to adding anything out of the ordinary, pour yourself a dram (a hardship I know) and add a splash of the potential addition first – it’ll help prevent too many disasters… And never finish the bottle…


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