The Soaper’s Choice – No. 8

Just a quick note on the latest edition of the Soaper’s Choice. I’ve just added the last of the Kilchoman 10th Anniversary Release, a lovely wee dram that I was very tempted to finish off. But a deal’s a deal, so I popped it in the mix, and I’m very glad I did. The Anniversary release was a limited batch made earlier this year using a cask from each of the years that Kilchoman has been open (up to 2012, of course. It still qualifies as Scotch.) The nose is gorgeously sweet and vanilla-ey, but with a rock pools kind of musty saltiness. The sweetness is balanced on the palate by bromide salt and something like gooseberries. I can imagine that some will have found the bromide bitterness disconcerting, but I loved it. All in all, a fantastic representation of all that Kilchoman does, and I really hope everyone who bought a bottle opened it.

Its addition to the Soaper’s Choice was the first time a significantly peated whisky had gone in to the blend, and it made itself known, even in small quantities. The saltiness brings a very pleasing caesura to the palate, cutting off some sherry notes that head up the initial palate, and leaving a chewy toffee finish, with a bit of grapefruit. I don’t really recognise the flavours of the rye whiskey that’s gone in there, but some of that granular texture I associate with it is definitely present.

Overall, it’s already become much more rounded, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call it balanced, it’s heading in the right direction. Check here for a full list of what’s in there, and watch this space for a rundown on the Diageo Special Releases.

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